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The Kingdom of Buganda is situated in the Central region of the country known today as Uganda. It is right in the heart of Africa astride the Equator and in the North West shores of Lake Victoria and it's also the source of the great river Nile. Buganda Kingdom is the home to the nation's political and commercial capital city Kampala as well as the country's main International airport Entebbe.

The Kingdom's equatorial climate provides plentiful sunshine which is moderated by relatively high altitude. Since it's near Lake Victoria, it's mean annual temperature ranges from 16 degrees 25 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperature averages between 8 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than night temperatures. Rainfall is evenly distributed around the area and the mean annual rainfall often exceeds 2100 millimeters. The area is warm rather than hot and temperatures vary little throughout the year.The Baganda had a centralised system of government which by 1750 was the most well organised More..

Totem Empindi
Akabbiro Kiyindiru
English (Type of bean)
Clan Leader Mazige
Estates Muyenje
Ssaza Busiro
Omubala Clan motto Ssamba, ssamba eggato nange nsamba erya Kamyuuka, Mu ttu mulimu ki, Ggobe, Tugulako emu Kaababembe cca....

In the early writings, it is said that there was a Muganda man who was running from his Banyoro enemies in Kyaggwe and he was snared by this creeping bean and he fell. His assailants found him and speared him to death. As blood oozed out of his wound, it formed a river and it was named Nakiza, after him. All his elders and juniors from that time turned that bean into their totem rendering it sacred.

The grandfather of this clan came to Buganda with Kintu and his name was Katangaza. On ascending the throne of Buganda, Kintu allocated the Nsumba hill in Mawokota to him. It is here that he begot his two sons Mbogga and Mazige. 
Mazige became very active in Buganda`s politics. His father involved him in the Kalemeera issue of settling in Bunyoro at the Winyi`s. He was among the many people who went with Kalemeera and returned with Kimera when he was coming to take over his grandfather`s throne (Kabaka Ccwa Nnabaka).

He was assigned the duty of Obusumba (Herdsman) to the returning prince and that never changed. On ascension, Kimera allocated him the hill Muyenje. 
The clan`s official duty to the Kabaka is to herd his darling cow known as Mbulidde. Their clan head is addressed as Mazige and their clan seat is in Muyenje, Busiro.

Mbogga, Muyimbwa, Nsumba, Ssewambwa, Mugenyi, Kikambi, Mbere, Sserubende, Nnankyama, Mugalu, Mboowa, Kyeswa, Mbogo, Ntulume, Ntabaazi, Lyazi, Kasenge, Ssekaluvu, Kabanda, Nalikka, Matutu, Ssendegeya, Ssalambwa, Katantazi, Lutimba (Abalangira balituuma), Sebadduka, Muyobyo, Kyaluula, Ssensawo, Muluuta, Muwoone, Mukuuma, Kawenyera, Bwabye, Kitenda, Muwube

Namuyimbwa, Nansumba, Nawambwa, Namugenyi, Nakabanda, Namuganyi, Najjuuko, Nannozi, Nalule, Nakafu, Namboowa, Bulyaba, Namuswe, Nalube