Totem Omutima (Ab`omutima Abayanja)
Akabbiro Mawuggwe (Lungs)
English Ground pineapple
Clan Leader Kakeeto
Estates Bbaale
Ssaza Buddu
Clan motto
Kifennyanja, obuuza muvubi. Olukkennyanja n'enkanga. Ekifa mu nnyanja, omuvubi y`abika.

*Some elders claim that Omutima is not the mammal or bird heart as is commonly known. Omutima is a type of plant in the mushroom family called Omutima gw'ensi.
The head of this clan is called Kakeeto and a legend goes that one day, he ate the heart meat and it made him very sick. It is out of this painful experience that he declared that none of his children or grand children should ever eat the heart meat; and it became their totem.

The heart clan seems to be in two groups; the Bayanja who came from the Islands of Nnalubaale (Lake Victoria) and the Balangira who broke away from the Buganda Royal Family after plotting to overthrow the king. The first theory states that the sons of Kabaka Kiggala wanted to take over their father's throne. He got to know and chased them away. They escaped to Masaka at the Ppookinos (Masaka Chief) who permitted them to settle in his chiefdom in Kasaka. It is here that they joined the Heart clan secretly and settled. The other theory goes on to say that these people came from Bunyoro in Mubende. It is out of these different origins that the heart clan used to intermarry a long time ago.

Of the two, the Bayanja group is the one that is most influential. Their grandfather was Namugera and it is in this group that the clan head Kakeeto comes from. Kakeeto Bbaale was son of Namugera and became his heir after his death. On their arrival in Buddu these people settled in Buyaga, in a particular place now known as Bbaale.
Their duty was to supply fish to Nassolo after the Buddu Conquest by the Baganda and they also supplied the same, to Ppookino.

Namugera, Sseremba, Mayiga, Bbaale, Bwanika, Mayanja, Kirangwa, Mutambuze, Lugaaju, Lugemwa, Lwamiti, Mujuzi, Luswata, Kafuluma, Lwamunda, Mujwala/Majwala, Lusiba, Lutuulu, Waliggo, Nsambya, Jjibya, Kigo, Nannggendo, Matwale, Kaliisa

Nakuya, Namayanja, Namata, Nandago, Nassaka, Namujuzi, Nalusiba, Nabasaggi