Ettoffaali a success

The ggwanga Mujje Masiro drive campaign is a mobilization kind of system which was introduced by the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga in September 2013 to raise funds towards the reconstruction of the torched Kasubi royal tombs. It should be remembered that on 16th/03/2010, the Kasubi royal tombs were set ablaze by unknown culprits.

The Kasubi tombs are the sites of the burial grounds of the Kings of Buganda and it carries a spiritural and political site for the Baganda People.

The ggwanga Mujje has been carried out in several counties of Buganda and Uganda at large where People have contributed at least a little they have for the good of the Kingdom.

Hard cash, pledges and physical building materials have been donated during the campaign since its inauguration in September.

Over 3bn shillings have been collected which has effected construction to progress at a high speed.

In his first speech, Katikkiro promised OBuganda that by March 2014 construction will be completed. Indeed by March, the perimeter wall (Bbugwe) was finished only decorations and security lights left to be installed for work to be fully accomplished.

The Muzibu-Azaala mpanga house, (included relics and portraits of the buried Kabakas) is yet to be completed with the metallic roof top only left to be inserted at the top.

As he was addressing the audience that gathered at Bulange Mengo, the Katikkiro said that construction at Kasubi has reached the closing stages and immediately after the tombs, they will tackle Bulange Plaza a building adjacent to Bulange building which accommodates the Kingdom headquarters.

Mayiga says, after Kasubi and Wamala tombs reconstruction, the next step will be finishing the Bulange plaza which is in a poor state.

However Mayiga implored that people who settled on the Wamala tomb’s land without permission will be evicted and dealt with accordingly. And on this note, he praised Rev. Micheal Ssennyimba who has done a great job in overseeing the constructions at Wamala tombs get done. Rev.Ssenyimba lobbed funds from foreign donors to finish the construction of Wamala tombs in time.

In appreciating the role played by the construction committee, Katikkiro tasked them to carry the same roles at finishing the Bulange plaza. The committee led by Owek. Kaddu Kiberu with the subcommittee led by Freeman Fred Kiyimba, will approve their potential within one year (1yr) as proposed by the Katikkiro to meet the deadline day.

Katikkiro gave a codename to be used in collecting funds for Bulange plaza as Buganda Twezimbe.

The enthusiastic Mayiga announced the amounts collected during the Ettoffaali ggwanga Mujje campaign, mounting to 3bn shillings and 1.6bn is on the account and will be used for other remaining work at Kasubi.

With the Kingdom eager to see more of its properties returned by the central government, Mayiga said there is need to sit and negotiate with the central government in a bid to see all ends agree on bringing back other assets of Buganda.

He added that, of the properties returned by Uganda government contribute only 40% of the assets being demanded. However he praised president Museveni for returning back some of the assets though more properties are still in the possession of the central government.

Katikkiro wished the Kingdom a happy easter holiday as people continue praying for the Kingdom.

Ideological Board to Modernize Mengo Palace has been launched

The Mengo Palace has been in existence since 1885 and has harbored several Kings of Buganda.

Given its factual location in the middle of the capital, the palace attracts tourists of different Nationals.

The current state of the Palace is under question which prompted Kabaka to establish a committee to take responsibility of making recommendations that to be followed by the cabinet.

A committee launched by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has to see the projects established in the Palace don’t violate the image of the palace.

Katikkiro recommended that there is need to put financial oriented projects in the palace that which can generate more income.

Traditional houses and areas that characterize the palace of the King also need to be established to attract more tourists.

The committee is tasked to evaluate and recommend on the report made by the previous board. With their expertise, the board will aim at bringing the palace to glory.

The board chairman Mr. Francis Kamulegeya says in Buganda, education, health, vocational schools and tourism spheres need to be promoted. He therefore highlighted what their plan will target towards modernizing the palace.

Kamulegeya on behalf of the board thanked the Kabaka for entrusting them to such positions, he promised to work accordingly.

The board has members with

Mr. Francis Kamulegeya as chairman

Owek. William S.K.Matovu

Owek. Godfrey Kaaya Kavuma

William Kamani Luwagga

Kabuye Kiwanuka Bassamu

Roland Ssebuufu

Omutaka Namugera Kakeeto

Hope Mukasa

Betty Kajubi Mugoya

Their appointment starts with immediate effect

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda