Mayiga the messiah of Busoga

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has called upon the Basoga to be diligent and innovative so as to transform the health and education sectors in the region.

He says it’s agonizing that some parents don’t take their children to schools a thing which has hampered the progress of education sector in the country.

While speaking to Kyabazinga subjects that gathered at Busoga square where he received more than 60m shillings as a donation for facilitating activities at Kasubi Royal tombs and Bulange, Mayiga humbly appealed to the people of Busoga to draw measures of re-establishing factories, co-operatives and tourism industries so as to revive the glory of Jinja municipality.

Katikkiro however advised the people of Busoga to amalgamate and avoid religious or political divisionism.

The Basoga however begged to Katikkiro to spare time and intervene in the matters affecting their Kingship of Busoga which even at the moment has no Kyabazinga after the death of Henry Wako Muloki.

The Mayor Jinja municipality, Muhamed Baswale Kezaala said that apart from Buganda, the royal tombs benefit Busoga too and the entire Uganda given its being a world heritage site.

Members of Parliament, Agnes Nabirye, Moses Balyeku and Peter Mugema said Mayiga has played a big role in uniting the people of Buganda with other tribes, they added that people of such nature of Katikkiro are the leaders which Uganda needs.

Among those who contributed included; BIDCO with 10m, MMI steel mills 5m, Kalangwa Moses 5m, Mps Moses Balyeku and Agnes Nabirye 1m each, mayor Jinja municipality Muhamed Baswale Kezaala, mp Paul Mwiru faired with 500,000/= each.

Katikkiro is scheduled to visit Makindye division on 30th/04/2014.

Togetherness and Amalgamation the key factors

More than twenty million shillings have been donated in Iganga on the first day of Katikkiro’s tour in Busoga region.

In his speech however,Katikkiro has pointed at amalgamation among Buganda and Busoga as the only way to develop both regions.

He says, if people move together as a group with a defined mission, they can reach a desired goal, unlike those who divert and go sole, end up in failure, he therefore emphasized working togetherness to fulfill a common goal.

Katikkiro added that there are many tribes in Uganda but Buganda and Busoga have similar cultural norms given their back grounds.

However, he has commented on the health status of the region as alarming and has called upon the government to intervene into the matter as soon as possible.

1st Deputy Katikkiro Oweek. Amb.Emmanuel Ssendaula and Ministers, Henry Kiberu Ssekabembe, Charles Bwenvu accompanied the Katikkiro.

Katikkiro will tomorrow visit Jinja District Administration, Bidco Company and Kakira sugar works then will camp at Busoga square where he will mobilize donations.

Katikkiro sets off to Busoga

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has today set off to Busoga region in a two day fundraising campaign tour aimed at raising funds for the construction of Bulange Plaza.

Katikkiro has been accompanied by 1st Deputy Katikkiro and Minister for Buganda affairs abroad, Owek. Amb.Emmanuel Ssendaula.

Mayiga will first make a visit at the late Mr. Ssemwogerere’s home at Mbiko from where he will proceed to Iganga.

Katikkiro will pay visits to Kakira sugar works, Iganga School of nursing and midwifery, Bidco and Jinja District administration.

Mayiga will camp at Busoga square where he will receive the donations from before the closure of his two day tour.

Kizito Mufumba, the Buganda Kingdom representative in Busoga region has said that preparations have already been made and people are waiting for Katikkiro’s arrival.

It should however be remembered that Katikkiro has collected donations from Ankole and Busoga the only regions outside Buganda though plans are made for other areas.

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda