Residents and local leaders of Buvuma asked to develop their district

The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga, has appealed on the people of Buvuma to work hard and develop their area.
Mayiga made the appeal during a three day visit he spent in Buvuma islands mobilizing the Kabaka’s subjects as well as collecting ettoffaali in a bid of developing the Kingdom

He said the people of Buvuma should engage in different economic activities to develop their own area since there is nobody who will develop it for them.
The katikkiro warned them against divisive politics saying it will expose their area to under development as it is the case in other districts where there are political infightings.

He meanwhile appealed on the youth of Buganda to take part in meaningful politics other than those divisive ones that compromised development of areas.
Mayiga assured the people of Buvuma of the Kingdom’s support in all aspects including health and education.

The Buvuma county chief, Patrick Nsubunga Kirumbalumba, pledged to serve with due commitment and following instructions from Mengo.
The Buvuma LC5 chairperson, Adrian Waswa Ddungu, briefed the katikkiro on the developments attained in the period of three years since they attained a district status.
In the three days the Katikkiro spent in Buvuma, he collected over shs54 millions for ettoffaali drive to support the Kingdom development programmes.

Katikkiro was accompanied by;Minister of Health,Dr.Ben Mukwaya,Owek.Henry Kiberu Ssekabembe, Owek Christine Nagawa Kasule Buganda Twezimbe committee members,Mengo officials and the local delegation.

Main Photo: Katikkiro(Right) and Mbuubi(Left) while on the Ferry.

The Kabaka’s subjects have been tasked to support the Kingdom development projects.

The Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga, has retaliated that the Kingdom needed much support in the development projects being undertaken.

Mayiga said that it was absurd that some people have not supported the Kingdom development initiatives and yet they are the beneficiaries.
He singled projects such as CBS-Pewosa, K2 Telecom BUCADEF, Essuubiryo-zambogo sacco, among others.

He said that the Kingdom initiated such projects so as people can embrace them for their own benefit and to discourage them from merely waiting for donations all the time.

As he took people around the Masengere construction project at Bulange Mengo,on Friday, support to such projects was a point of emphasis in his speech.
Katikkiro revealed that Buganda cannot fail to get back on top if everybody earned shs3000 aday
It should be remembered that the construction of Masengere building has entered the sixth month out of the 12months  the Katikkiro gave to the committee to complete the work.

The chairperson of Masengere construction committee, Everesto Sseguya, explained that all items that were bought from China arrived and is kept in the stores.
He noted that the construction work has now concentrated providing the path for the lift.

Whereas the treasurer of the Masengere construction committee, Kasozi Mamba disclosed that they were indebted with Uganda Revenue Authority and different companies constructing the building.

Mamba pleaded with government to reduce on the taxes imposed on the construction and other financial transactions in the construction project noting that it undermined the successful execution of the project within budget frame work.
The construction work is at roofing taking place hand in hand with plastering.
On Friday over shs7 millions was realized from well-wishers to support the work.

Main Photo: Masengere under roofing

Katikkiro drums Buganda on tourism


Wakiso district has joined Buganda Kingdom to develop tourist attraction sites found within Wakiso.

Wakiso leadership has initiated a committee that would work with the one appointed by Buganda Kingdom to protect cultural and tourism sites in order to develop them.

While addressing the committee at Bulange Mengo yesterday, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, said cultural values and norms can easily be promoted through tourism.

He said Buganda has several cultural sites that reveal the cultural values and norms of Buganda which can attract tourists.
Mayiga gave examples of countries such as Egypt, Kenya, and UK, which have developed and grown strong because of tourism and they do not have a lot of tourist attraction features like those of Uganda.

He cited archaeological sites of Naggalabi, Bigobyamugenyi in Ssembabule,Walumbe Tanda caves located in Mityana, royal tombs among others.
Some of the cultural and other sites include;Kabaka’palace Kireka,Namugongo Martys Shrine,Mukajanga’s Home among others.

Katikkiro added that countries like Dubai get a lot of money in tourism by showing tourists beautiful roads and buildings but nothing else.
Quoting statistics, Mayiga said 11 millions of tourists visited Dubai in 2013 but on the other side, Uganda got only $1.4bn from tourism the whole year.
He however attributed the problem to the fact that Uganda lacked people with ability to market its tourism potential.

Mayiga used the occasion to appeal to Buganda tourism committee to work with the one for Wakiso to promote tourism.

He pledged to invite all LCV chairpersons from across Buganda to ask them to help in identifying the possible tourism attraction sites and possibly developing them.

While introducing the Wakiso tourism committee to the Katikkiro, the Wakiso LC5 chairperson, Matia Lwanga Bwanika, revealed that they have managed to discover several tourist attraction cultural sites within Wakiso District yet in the territories of Buganda Kingdom.

He said they want to work on the roads heading where they are located, plant trees on the roads and general beautification of the sites.

Wakiso District Tourism Committee introduced to the Katikkiro include;

Norman Ssemwanga-chairman
Annat Mugerwa
James Ssewankambo
Sam Mwesigwa
Nankya Harriet
Mpakibi Waiswa
Kivumbi Alex
Doroty Namande
Nakalembe Prossy

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda