Masaka District Returns Buddu County Headquarters to Mengo


The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has dispelled claims that Mengo intends to evict all unlawful tenants on its land.

The Katikkiro said this while receiving the Buddu County headquarters from Masaka District.

The central government had occupied the property after the abolition of cultural institutions by former president Apolo Milton Obote in 1966.

Ssaabasajja Kabaka recently signed an agreement with the central government in the matter of the Republic of Uganda and in the matter of the Traditional Rulers (Restitution of Assets and Properties) Act CAP 247 under which it was agreed to return most of the kingdom’s properties.

 The agreement was made pursuant to the Traditional Rulers (Restitution of Assets and Properties) Act 1993 and aims to develop and expand the frame work of cooperation between the government and Kabaka. However in the agreement, it was agreed that;

The government shall

  1. Return or compensate the Kabaka for properties that formerly belonged to Buganda Kingdom but were transferred to government.
  2. Return to the Kabaka the former estate of Buganda Kingdom comprising in;
  3. Land in urban center/Towns.
  4. Land where former administration headquarters i.e Gombololas and Massaza were situated.
  5. Land not claimed,utilized or occupied by any lawful or bonafide occupant as defined in the 1995 constitution and land Act in the rural or peri urban areas.Where a rural or peri urban area is occupied by many people who do not qualify as lawful or bonafide occupants, the Government and Kabaka shall negotiate and amicably agree on the manner of handling the occupants such as government compensating the Kabaka.
  6. Land on Mityana Road(Jeza Farm)
  7. Former Buganda Kingdom markets. For markets already developed or under developed by the government, both parties shall negotiate and amicably agree on the mode of ownership.

After the installation of Buddu county Chief, Pokino Vincent Mayiga, who pressurized the District council to vacate all the buildings which belonged to Buganda, Masaka District Council resolved to officially handover the premises to Mengo.

Speaking at the handover ceremony in Masaka, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga said Buganda had heard claims that Mengo was planning to evict all squatters on its land.

“We have never had such intentions because both of us [Mengo] and the central government serve the same people whose interests are similar,” he said.

Mr Joseph Kalungi, the Masaka District chairperson said the district will pay rent fees to Mengo until the district headquarters are built.

The Masaka Municipality Member of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga, who attended the handover ceremony, urged the Katikkiro to sustain the struggle to demand for the remaining properties that belong to Buganda from central government.

The Government shall also; compensate the Kabaka for land comprised in plot 52,kampala Road, Muteesa House in London(42 Queens Garden Road, London SW), renew on mutually agreed terms leases formerly granted to Buganda Kingdom but have since expired, make final payment in agreed installments to the Kabaka of ug shs,20,389,206,000 (Twenty Billion three hundred eighty nine million two hundred and six thousand only), the government shall ensure in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the Kabaka enjoys his freedom of movement in any and all parts of Uganda provided he respects the rights of other cultural institutions/Leaders as enshrined in the constitution and the institution of Traditional or cultural Leaders Act,2011.

Main Photo: Pokino, Katikkiro and LCV Chairman Joseph kalungi, take a tour around the headquarters Premises.

Bulungibwansi Day


Bulungibwansi Day is an annual event cerebrated in Buganda every 8th of October in memory of Buganda`s Independence and rotates in different counties.
However this year will be celebrated on 8th/November/2014 at Kabula. The celebrations will take one week starting from 1st/November/2014 where several activities are lined up to be performed in people’s homes including the, cleaning of community wells, planting trees and cleaning roads.

Ssaabasajja will visit the Bulungibwansi activities for this year guided under the theme “NYIKIRA OKUKOLA BULUNGIBWANSI N’OKUSITULA EMBEERAYO”.
The Kabaka dedicated this day to Community service activities on self-help basis popularly known as Bulungibwansi. Previously, the functions have been held in the following counties.

- 2003, Busiro
- 2004, Kooki
- 2005, Butambala
- 2006, Singo
- 2007, Buddu

-2008, Not held

-2009,Not held


 -2011, Bulemeezi

-2012, Ssese

-2013, Kyaggwe

Bulungibwansi activities in ancient days were used by the ancestors to develop this Kingdom and that is why Buganda Kingdom government resolved to revive it in order to improve on the livelihood of his people. People come together to work on services that benefit the entire community without expecting any payment. Therefore this calls for everyone in Buganda to copy a leaf from our ancestors and carryout any form of Bulungibwansi activity at least once every month.

Katikkiro underlines annual achievements.


The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga, has underlined before the Buganda Lukiiko, activities done in the past one year.

Mayiga addressed the Lukiiko that convened at the Kingdom seat Bulange Mengo presided over by its speaker, Nelson Kawalya, on Monday.

He disclosed that those done where guided by the Kingdoms five point agenda to get it back on top which among others include protecting the throne.

A lot are supposed to be done to protect the throne, they include strengthening the Kingdom through the reigning Kabaka, fulfilling the gains of the Kingdom-central government agreement terms more especially the Kabaka’s freedom to visit any part of his Kingdom.

Under this the Katikkiro underlined the following achievements of the year.

The Katikkiro visited all the counties of Buganda, visited people outside Buganda in Ankole, Bukedea, Bugishu and outside the country to unite the people of the Kabaka for the common cause guided by the five point development agenda for the Kingdom.

The construction of a perimeter wall to enclose, lighting, erecting reeds, sinking a borehole all were complete at Kasubi royal tombs.

On this note the Katikkiro commended, Mr. Gabunga for work well done and arrangements to install electricity in the houses enclosed in Kasubi.

On the side of preserving cultural norms and customs, Mayiga said, a resolution was passed for all Kingdom officials and departments to have their reports made in Luganda, to promote the mother language.

“I don’t tolerate any official or the head of a department to write to me anything in English. Even when we are writing to all people who know Luganda not in English mode of communication organizations, we use Luganda”, he said.

He directed function organizers that he does not want to see reports and terms such as “V.I.P”, “in-laws”, “family members” written and delivered in English.

The Katikkiro, also said on the wish of the Kabaka , the Kigo prison land that was returned is to be developed and that the Kingdom finance department was working with a company called Guoji Group (U) Limited, to build estates which will among others provide revenue to the Kingdom.

In a bid to broaden on the Kingdom’s revenue base, the Katikkiro said the Kingdom certificates were re-branded and features which are complicated to forge included.

The certificates according to sources may officially be commissioned on 2nd/Nov/2014.

The new certificates are aimed at eliminating duplication by wrong characters that have been duplicating them to sell to the public and pocket the money.

In conclusion, the Katikkiro, said that the bill to manage the Kingdom land (land management policy) was passed and will be given to whoever is concerned for implementation.

He disclosed the priorities to be handled to include mobilizing the people to grow coffee, working in groups, massive planting of trees through planting at least two trees during introduction, among others.

Mayiga commended the leadership of the outgoing managing director of CBS Godfrey
Kaaya Kavuma, and wished the new managing director Mr. Kawooya
Mwebe, good work.

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda