• Buganda Brand Shop

    Majestic Brands located at Muganzirwazza Commercial Plaza, Kibuye Ring Road,Kampala 1st Floor, Shop No
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    Kabaka of Buganda Kindom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi (C) and the Nabagereka (R) arrive at Mengo,Kampala,Uganda during the…
  • Bulange Building in Mengo

    Bulange is one of the most significant buildings found in the palace (Lubiri). It hosts the Kingdom`s administration…
  • Muganzirwazza Complex Building

    Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has officially commissioned off Muganzirwazza Commercial Plaza in Katwe with a call…
  • Kiganda Traditional Dance

    Baakisiimba, Nankasa, Muwogola is a traditional Baganda dance that originated in the palace of the King of Buganda and…
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    Amasaza ga Katikkiro webyaalo mwegali gona. Map of Buganda showing counties

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Totem Endiga
Akabbiro Empologoma
English Sheep
Clan Leader Lwomwa
Estates Mbaale
Ssaza Mawokota
Clan motto
- Nabbosa, Nabbosa mpaawo amuliisa ndiga
- Mpa alimuliisa ndiga

Oral history and literature suggests that this clan came from the Mmamba clan of Bbemba Musota. After deposing and killing Bbemba, his clansmen were persecuted by Kintu and his new group and were in fact referred to as frogs (Bakerekere). Their head at that time was Bweete who was Bbemba’s brother. That was the beginning of a new frog clan.

Bweete worked under Kintu but did not last. He had his sheep which he would walk in parliament with and this infuriated Kintu so one day he beat the sheep out of the house. Bweete left and never came back because he felt insulted and demeaned by the young and new king. He commanded all his followers to leave Naggalabi and they went to Mbaale in Mpigi.

Bweete did not live long after settling in Mbaale. He fell sick and died but he testified that none of his people should ever eat sheep claiming that the cause of his death was a consequence of Kintu beating his sacred sheep which was never ever meant to be beaten. The sheep clan therefore came into being originating from the sheep clan.

It is claimed that the head of this clan Lwoomwa was initially called Ndalu. However, Nsimbi much as he writes that Lwoomwa is head of this clan, the historical background is very different. He writes that Sekkoba is the grandfather of the Ndiga clan. He came from Bumogera and went to Ssese at Wannemma’s place. Wannema settled him in Busanga, Kkoome and it is here he had his son Bbosa. Bbosa later became Wannema’s headman and his personal messenger to the kabaka.

Through the many encounters, the Kabaka came to like him and settled him in a place called Mutungo. It is here that he had his son Kalyesubula who eventually became the clan head and got a new name, Lwomwa.

During the conquest wars kabaka Nakibinge was fighting with the Banyoro, Kalyesubula went to Wannema’s place and got his son Kyobe Kibuuka to assist in the war unfortunately he died fighting. His disturbed and bitter father went to the kabaka and urged him to kill Kalyesubula because of his dead son. The King did not agree with Wannema but for the sake of improving relations and pleasing him, he imprisoned Kalyesubula for some time. On his way out of prison, he was too hairy and needed to shave. The name Lwomwa refers to shaving and it registered as the title of the clan head to date. Their clan seat is in Mbaale, Busiro.

Their royal duties included keeping god Kibuuka’s fetish and Lwomwa was the chief priest. They had the duty of playing the king’s drums; tadde, nantakiika and entenga.

Mpungu, Kafumbe, Ssewagudde, Ssekasanvu, Katete, Luyirika, Kaweri, Kyaka, Luzige, Ssekawu, Walunnggama, Ntamuusi, Sserubiri, Kiwuuwa, Kinobe, Ndegeya, Nkwangu, Kiwuli, Nvunyi, Kifunvu, Sebbuzi, Kanyenye, Ggoma, Mugano, Mugga, Kiramba, Ssemunja, Katulikira, Luteete, Luwenda, Ssebwato, Sserutega, Katudde, Mpindimuti, Ssemukulungwa, Mulagwe, Nammambi, Muyalu, Ssenkandwa, Ssendege, Kaddu, Bbalangasa, Kinnyogoga, Kiguli, Muyondo, Kasenge, Ssekiti, Mpande, Mikisa, Ssebamulidde, Kisuule, Ggubya, Kyalema, Bbosa

Ntabadde, Muliisa, Kuzaala, Kyayomberera, Nakakinzi, Nakiboneka, Nakyoya, Lubimbi, Bukombe, Namaziina, Nambi, Nakinyogoga, Nakiguli, Namuyondo, Nnakasenge, Nabbosa