Wednesday 25th May 2016

His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has today launched a book, ‘THE BRAVE KING’ by Patrick Makumbi at Bulange Mmengo.

The book highlights Kabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II’s strength and determination during the struggle for Uganda’s independence and the way how he was exiled.

The book also centers on Muteesa’s two exiles. The first exile was imposed by the colonial power in 1953 when they deported Him to the UK until His triumphant return to the throne in1955.

The second and final exile occurred in 1966 when he was head of state of independent Uganda and escaped after a fierce battle at His palace where he was attacked by a battalion commanded by army chief Idi Amin Dada on the orders  of coup maker and prime minister Milton Obote.

While launching the book, Kabaka Mutebi highlighted the importance of keeping the records and history of Buganda for the benefit of the future generation.

He applauded the work well done by Mr. Patrick Makumbi, Collin SSentongo and the committee behind the successful publication of the book.

The 3rd Deputy Katikkiro and Buganda’s minister for constitutional affairs, Apollo Nelson Makubuya said that the book highlights how the people of Buganda worked together to see that King Muteesa II returns from the exile and the issues that led to the decline of Buganda hence descending from the helm.

The author Mr. Patrick Makumbi is a well exposed and experienced public administrator. In the book, he gave his own perception and opinion of the situation in Uganda and the future of Buganda, which not just a Kingdom, but by translation, oneness, brotherhood. He said he was influenced by his father Thomas Makumbi as one of the brains behind the author of the book.

The ceremony was graced by; former Katikkiro Joash Mayanja Nkangi and Dan Muliika, Ssaabaganzi, Princess Bagaya of Tooro, Buganda government’s ministers among others.

Ssaabasajja Kabaka congratulates Mr. Patrick Makumbi, the author of the "THE BRAVE KING" book.

Kabaka arrives at Bulange, welcomed by Dr. Collin Ssentongo.

Buganda cabinet ministers and the CEO BBS TV,Joe Kigozi (Right) at a function.

His Majesty greeting the supreme Mufti Sheikh Siliman Kasule Ndirangwa

The guests purchasing copies of a book at a cost of UGX50,000