Monday 30th May 2016

His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has directed leaders at all levels in the Kingdom to exercise good governance.

He asked them to avoid turning into rulers but exhibit leadership based on dialogue and amicable negotiations.

His Majesty was speaking at the annual Buganda Local Government Day celebrations held at Gombe Sub County, Kyaddondo Wakiso district.

This year’s celebrations were marked under the theme, ‘Strong, truthful and democratic leadership at all levels’

Chiefs from all Counties of Buganda led the delegation that matched before the Kabaka, carrying banners and traditional drums that were surrendered to the royal regalia.

The Ssaza (County) chiefs donated gifts to the Kabaka that included food items, goats, and cows among others.

His Majesty explained that, “The theme of this function should be understood in its true context; leadership means leading the way, managing and guiding others in order to achieve your goals,”

He further explained that leadership is about understanding each other and listening to one another.

Leadership is not about ruling, which has no space for dialogue

“In Buganda we always cherish dialogue and we should therefore emphasize strong and firm leadership based on dialogue and resolving issues amicably,” he added

Leaders should be role models to the young generation and before the public, the Kabaka said. He handed over prizes including cash to the winner of the 2015 Buganda farming competition, Bashir Mayiga (28yrs) from Buddu County and Patrick Luwagga Mugumbule, whose Kyaddondo county emerged the best in good practices for development initiatives.

According to David Mpanga, the local government minister in the Mmengo cabinet, this year’s celebrations were preceded by a number of activities including a medical camp and law awareness bazaars organized in conjunction with Justice Centers Uganda, Mengo Hospital and the young Professional Lawyers’ Association.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga said the chiefs should play a leading role and guide their people on how to move forward in terms of development.

He said the Kabaka directed them to strive to revive agriculture and livestock farming as one of the strategies to fight poverty and asked the youth especially to love and engage in farming in order to accumulate wealth.

The ceremony was graced by; Namasole Margaret Ssiwoza, SSaabaganzi Ssekitooleko,Ssaabalangira Godfrey Musanje, heads of Clan leaders, Kingdom ministers, politicians, Heads of Kingdom institutions among others.

Kabaka awarded cash prize worth 7m to Kyaddondo County.

The overall winner Kyaddondo County. inset (Kaggo receiving the award from the Kabaka).

County Chiefs line up to welcome the Kabaka at Gombe.

The chiefs match before the Kabaka.