December, 13, 2016

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has released his third book titled Uganda: 7-Key Transformation Idea where he offers solutions to transform Uganda and Africa generally from the third world to the first one.

His other two books are King on the Throne; the Story of the Restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda, and Buganda ku Ntikko. Both these two books were centred on Buganda Kingdom. The new book looks at Uganda and offers solutions to its development challenges.

Written in a conversational tone with tons of humour and everyday examples, Katikkiro Mayiga identifies the rule of law, good governance, health, education, agriculture, public infrastructure and the settlement of the Buganda question as key areas that need be tackled to transform the country.

“This book is a conversation I wish to share with you because, together, we must find solutions to the endemic problems of ignorance, poverty and disease in our country, Uganda,” Mayiga writes. “It contains my views on laws, politics, institutions, management, social issues, culture, and economics, all of which, and more, can turn into tools of transformation,” he adds.

On the rule of law, Mayiga says that “the community that does not have a reliable and effective judicial system is always restive and can never enjoy a peaceful environment.”

He adds that the precursor to economic stimulation and growth is the belief that the state is possessed of institutions that can prevent lawlessness or that can address injustices whenever they occur. A serious investor will be keen to invest in a country where he knows rules are respected and they apply to everybody.

Mayiga further argues that the emancipation of Uganda will be through agriculture, animal husbandry, and commerce as the bedrock to a sustainable economy. With good governance, other areas like tourism and industrialisation will fall in place to propel the growth further ahead. “The people must be educated, to be able to appreciate this, but also to implement the requisite plans,” he explains.

Transformation of a community requires that all efforts must be geared towards a singular objective or focus, he says. “If our comparative advantage is agriculture – which it actually is – then enhancement of the citizens’ capital base must be related to agriculture. In that sense, the ‘assistance’ that is envisaged under the SACCO schemes must be to promote particular agro-based activities,” he explains.

Marketing is identified as another tenet that spurs economic growth. “It broadens the public’s awareness for any item, hence boosting sales. Good sales translate into earnings and growth. If anyone realises values from whatever they do, they will do it over and over again,” Mayiga argues.

The major problem is the absence of a systematic marketing mechanism, he argues. A farmer with a 10-bag harvest cannot deliver them on his own, let alone knowing about the availability of demand for them elsewhere.

Mayiga identifies federalism as key in solving the Buganda question and lead the country to the true path of transformation. “Federalism decongests the centre, and enables each region to pick its development priorities but within the overall national policy guidelines. Today, unlike in the past when regions had a bigger stake in management of public issues, development is concentrated in and around Kampala,” he writes.

The book is already available at Aristoc Bookshop, Bulange Building Reception, Buganda Shop at Muganzirwazza, and Majestic Brands offices at Bulange, Mengo at Shs40,000.

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