February, 10, 2017

One thousand one hundred eighty nine (1189) students have today graduated in various disciplines at Muteesa I Royal University. They include; certificate, diploma and degree programs.

University chancellor Julia Ssebutinde presided over the ceremony held at the University's main campus at Kirumba Masaka.

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has officiated at the function as the chief guest, commissioned a newly equipped science workshop.

State Minister for education, Prosperous Nankindu ( second right) handing over a certificate of recognition to Namubiru Ritah

In his speech, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga revealed that there are signs that Muteesa University is in safe hands, and that it is on the right track and in the right direction, it should therefore provide solutions to ordinary problems Ugandans encounter every day. He challenged the council, staff and students to produce these solutions for Ugandans.

“While we yearn to see Muteesa 1 Royal University transformed into a leading university, it should be relevant to the development needs of Uganda and East Africa”. He noted

He acknowledged that the University should impart knowledge in the areas likely to stimulate social and economic transformation, such as, in areas of training teachers, agriculture, marketing and commerce, entrepreneurship, artisanship and arts.

Katikkiro thanked the parents and guardians for the enormous efforts and the sacrifice that have enabled your children to achieve the education they deserve. “Many parents pay little regard to the education of their children. Buganda and Uganda are endowed with a major resource-the people. However when people are not well inducted, trained or educated, they cannot become a valuable resource. Most of the time, such people are a liability and a hindrance to development”.

He added, passing on material things to children without inducting them on how to live a productive life is disastrous. He said important is not handing over wealth or property to the children; what is really important is to prepare them adequately so that they can generate their own wealth and education is one sure way that leads to success.

To the graduands , Katikkiro urged them to know that competition is order of the day, the world demands the best talent; what is clear is that even when you are a university graduate, you still have to put your best foot forward in order to prosper.

If you want to know whether you are good at anything, prepare to compare yourself to, and to compete against the best.

At the same time, Katikkiro commissioned a newly equipped science workshops at the main campus at Masaka.

The chancellor of Muteesa 1 Royal University, Lady Julia Ssebutinde thanked the government of Uganda for liberalizing higher education in Uganda. She however requested the government to support private Universities like Muteesa 1 Royal University in key areas, like training scientists. She added much as Muteesa University is a private University; it provides a public good by producing vital human resources for the country.

The chancellor also thanked the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II for allocating MRU land in Lubiri under its master development plan. The University shall use this land well to contribute to the needs of Buganda and Uganda.

In her address to the graduands, Mrs. Ssebutinde quoted a verse from Nelson Mandela’s book The Long Walk to Freedom, said; “when you climb to the top of a hill, you discover that there are many more hills to climb”. She noted; today you begin a new chapter of your lives, armed with a degree, diploma or certificate, you are now ready to climb many more hills, choose the new hills you will climb wisely.

She urged them to always remember that MRU is their home.

Arthur Sserwanga, the Vice chancellor, presented the best performing students who are exemplary in both their performance and discipline. These were;

Kimera Ivan (B.A.E.D) C.G.P.A-4.68

Namubiru Ritah (SWASA) C.G.P.A-4.61