February 25, 2017

The Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has said that the discipline of clans paying courtesy visit to the palace is of great importance and has been in existence in Buganda for a long period of time.

Kabaka Mutebi II said this while addressing leaders, grandsons and daughters of Lugave clan at Lubiri Mengo palace today afternoon.

His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II clarified that the practice of clans paying courtesy visit to the Kings’ palace has been revived after being halted for a period of time due to the renovation activities that has been taking place at the palaces.

He said some time back, Clan heads and their members of that clan could pay courtesy visits at the Kingdom seat purposely to know the strategic activities the Kingdom was carrying out. He described the discipline as “Akiika embuga, Amanya ensonga”

Kabaka further applauded Omutaka Grace Ssemakula Ndugwa, head of the Lugave Clan for the commitment and services he renders to the Kingdom aimed at protecting and strengthening the Kingship.

Ndugwa is applauded for his journalism skills that he exhibited when he was still working with the Ngabo newspaper which showed relevance towards the restoration of cultural institutions in Uganda in 1960s.

Irene Ssemakula, wife to Omutaka Grace Ndugwa, delivered Omutaka Grace Ndugwa’s speech who was unable to speak.

Omutaka Ndugwa reported the development plan the clan poses that which will include the construction of a museum where all matters and documentations of the clan will be kept.

The function was graced by; Omutaka Kayiira Gajuule, retired and current ministers in the Kabaka’s government  and Lugave Clan leaders.