July 18, 2017

Over 173 Gombolola chiefs across Buganda region turned up at their annual general meeting held at Muganzirwazza building at Katwe, Kampala.

The purpose of the meeting was to make a review and be renewed in their daily activities, among which include mobilizing the Kabaka's subjects to support the Kingdom's development strategies.

While addressing the chiefs, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga emphasised the need for the government to establish an independent court to deal with solving the problems associated the mount needed with compesating the land owners in case the government soughts requirement to use a defined peace of land.

He further urged them to support Ekyapa Mu ngalo and go to their communities to spread the same gospel so as people can clearly understand what the Ekyapa mu ngalo initiative is all about.

State Minister for Local Government, Joseph Kawuki asked the chiefs to establish a strong relationship with other leaders especially the central government leaders.