October 26,2017

Members of the Kampala Kikuubo traders who apply their trade at Kikuubo have paid a courtesy call on the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga at Bulange Mengo.

Addressing the Katikkiro, Prince Samuel Golooba who led the delegation informed the Katikkiro that they participate fully in the Kingdom activities in reply to Kabaka’s call that emphasizes His people to get fully involved in the activities that aim at taking the Kingdom at the climax. Among the activities they engage in include; Luwalo Lwaffe, and buying certificates for the good of the Kingdom.

Since the year begun, they have managed to collect in total eighteen million shillings (UGX 18m), both in Luwalo Lwaffe and buying certificates.

Prince Golooba expressed thanks and appreciation to the Katikkiro for the fatherly role played for welcoming them at the Kingdom seat.

The Chief of Kyaddondo County, Kaggo Patrick Luwagga Mugumbule described the current move by the traders as a positive move in the right direction as this will yield fruits that will cause the Kabaka’s subjects be united as a whole to develop the Kingdom.


Above: Katikkiro Mayiga hands over an appreciation prize to Prince Samuel Golooba

In his remarks, Katikkiro emphasized the people of Buganda to work hard as this will be the best solution to Buganda in its bid to be at the top of everything, such as health, education, social services among others.

He said there are a number of Buganda Kingdom’s properties and assets which are still under the control of the central government in which Buganda would have collected revenue to sustain itself. But Since Buganda needs to go further miles in development, we cannot wait when those assets will be returned back, we are only required to work hard, tirelessly so that we can develop our Kingdom. He added’

The traders urged the Katikkiro to deliver their message to Kabaka that they yearn to host him at Kikuubo because of the thirsty they have in him.