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The Kingdom of Buganda is situated in the Central region of the country known today as Uganda. It is right in the heart of Africa astride the Equator and in the North West shores of Lake Victoria and it's also the source of the great river Nile. Buganda Kingdom is the home to the nation's political and commercial capital city Kampala as well as the country's main International airport Entebbe.

The Kingdom's equatorial climate provides plentiful sunshine which is moderated by relatively high altitude. Since it's near Lake Victoria, it's mean annual temperature ranges from 16 degrees 25 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperature averages between 8 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than night temperatures. Rainfall is evenly distributed around the area and the mean annual rainfall often exceeds 2100 millimeters. The area is warm rather than hot and temperatures vary little throughout the year.The Baganda had a centralised system of government which by 1750 was the most well organised More..

June 27,2018

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has Wednesday June 27 apologized to Buganda for the unintended mistake of not showing Buganda as a region but as Central 1 and central 2.

The contentious issue of Buganda being excluded from maps was first raised by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II during his birthday celebrations in Kalungu District after realising that Buganda was omitted from the national map showing regional vaccination coverage in the country.

“All other parts of Uganda we know such as Busoga, Karamoja, Ankole, Bunyoro and others are existent on the national map but Buganda is not indicated. This is why I ask what the motive is. I have not yet known the motive,” the Kabaka said.

Soon after the Kabaka’s speech, social media commentators shared a Ministry of Health map that displays basic vaccination coverage by region. The maps, which were released by the Ministry of Health also show all the traditional regions of Uganda as West Nile, Acoli, Karamoja, Bunyoro, Lango, Teso, Elgon, Bukedi, Busoga, Bunyoro, Tooro, Ankole, but omits Buganda. In the place of Buganda there is South Central and North Central.

A new revised Map indicating Buganda south (blue print), Buganda North (pink print). 

UBOS CEO Ben Paul Mungyereza addressing the press at Bulange. 

The ministry has extended its sincere apologies through its Executive director Ben Paul Mungyereza, when he met the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga and the Buganda delegation from Mengo.

Mungyereza says that the ministry of statistics did not intend to permanently remove the Buganda region part from the map of Uganda but it looked at dividing Buganda as the biggest region in Uganda so that it can serve it with accurate statistics then they named it North Central, south central and Kampala yet leaving all other Kingdoms the way they were before not changed.

Mungyereza also said that the Ministry has managed to divide it in the best way and draw a new map indicating Buganda South, Buganda North though they have separated Kampala from the region for the better services.

A group photo: Katikkiro Mayiga (right) and CEO UBOS, Mr Ben Paul Mungyereza (Left) holding the new map that indicates Buganda in blue and pink colors, as Buganda ministers and UBOS officials look on. 

It should be remembered that UBOS had drawn a new Uganda map not indicating Buganda region which brought about complaints right from Buganda Kingdom and Baganda at large asking why was it removed relating it to central government benefits.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has thanked the ministry of Uganda Bureau of statistics and credited it for maturity handling of the matter because it looked to be serious to the Kingdom and it could perhaps cause problems.


Katikkiro Mayiga has also expressed his appreciation to the ministry for what he has called the best way of stating the statistics about the people in Buganda region like a number of people that wash hands after visiting toilets to keep sanitation, number of people that are immunized on different diseases, among others saying this will help for the development.


Group photo: Katikkiro Mayiga and Mr. Ben Paul Mungyereza holding a map showing the vaccination coverage in the 18 counties that make up Buganda Kingdom.