April 5th 2019


The Nnabagereka of Buganda Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda has today visited the children’s clinic of type 1 diabetes at St. Francis’s Hospital Nsambya. The Nnabagereka arrived at the children’s clinic at 10am and was welcomed by Dr. Ddumba Edward, she was first given a tour at the children’s clinic where she gave out Sonia Nabeta Foundation T shirts to children in the clinic, and interacted with some of the doctors at the clinic about the disease.


In her remarks, Nnabagereka encouraged the fraternity to use their voice and draw from the courage you exude every day to continue educate and raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Her Royal Highness used an example of Ekisaakaate kya Nnabagereka which encourages children and youth to use their voice to be confident, have self-esteem, and be self-reliant, attributes that are so vital to the diabetes warriors.


Nnabagereka thanked the Sonia Nabeta Foundation for their continuous efforts to lend a charity hand to the children affected by type 1 diabetes, she further called upon the government of Uganda to prioritize the fight of this disease and also called upon other NGOs to join the Sonia Nabeta Foundation to fight the disease.

The CEO of the Sonia Nabeta Foundation Mrs. Nabeta Vanessa thanked the Nnabagereka for being their patron and help them make awareness of the disease. She said they will continue working hard to fight the disease and making its awareness.