12th April 2019

Buganda Kingdom in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, have today led a campaign of planting trees as a way of protecting the environment. The campaign took place at Kigalama village, Myanzi sub county Ssingo County Mityana district.

The campaign begun with Bulungibwansi (community service) activities with cleaning the town of Kigalama. Students from different nearby schools participated in the cause.

Buganda Kingdom Minister for lands, and environment, Mariam Mayanja Nkalubo, led the campaign where over 2000 trees were planted.

In his address to the gathering, Owek Mariam, said that the destruction of trees is rampant in Uganda, hence leading to drought.

She said the change in climate is due to the destruction of trees which has led to loss of soil fertility, loss of good air for breathing, and wetlands.

Trees play a very important role in maintenance of local water cycles. Trees hold water, prevent flooding, recharge underground aquifers, and maintain water vapor in the atmosphere, increasing the opportunity for rainfall.

When forests are cut down, the water vapor in the atmosphere disappears in an area, decreasing precipitation and increasing the risk of drought and desertification

Mrs. Diana Kangi, head of communications for Habitat for humanity urged the people of Mityana to encourage the young to plant trees since they are the future generation who will be the beneficiary of the trees planted today.

She added, if any person had space around his/her compound, he should plant a tree.