June 10, 2019



The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has today visited the cradle lands of three Clans namely; Ennyonyi Endiisa, Mukungwe subcounty, Namungoona, at Kasaka, and Kinyomo at Kyasa, all found in Masaka district.

During the tour Kabaka highlighted the role played by Clan leaders in shaping and executing the activities of Buganda Kingdom. He said that Clan leaders should not be referred to as witch doctors, but they are the foundation at which the Kingdom stands. “Clan leaders play a significant role in protecting the cultural norms and traditions of Buganda, therefore reserve maximum respect”. Kabaka added.

Clan leaders applauded the Kabaka for carrying an initiative of paying a visit to their cradle lands and witness the developments being established by the grandsons and daughters.