July 3, 2019



Owek Dr. Prosperous Nankindu, Minister for Health, addressing the press at Bulange

As it is done annually, the Kingdom of Buganda will again this year commemorate the Buganda health Day at Busaana Sub County, Bugerere County, and His Majesty the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will officiate at the occasion.

Prior to the climax, Ssaabasajja Kabaka will perform several activities among which include lecturing at the two organized health camps, one at Kawongo landing site, Galiraya Subcounty, and another at Kitimbwa Subcounty. At all these camps, Kabaka is scheduled to address his subjects on matters concerning HIV/AIDS awareness, and ways of how they can overcome infectious diseases hence live a good health.

This year’s theme rotates at, “Men for Good Health and ending AIDS by 2030”.

While addressing the press, Buganda Government’s Minister for gender, Health, Education, and people’s development, Dr. Prosperous Nankindu, said that the Kabaka as an ambassador of UNAIDS, has come on board to assist His people on health matters so that they live a happier and healthy life.

She stressed that, people in rural areas especially of Buganda Kingdom are challenged by the many sicknesses and infections which deny them live a good life, it is on this note that the Kabaka is intervening in the matter to observe that His subjects are in good health.

Dr. Nankindu appealed to the Government of Uganda to attend to its people to get the better service for their health.

She noted that, in Bugerere there are many people of various tribes but they are very cooperative and willing to support the Kabaka’s services.

Celebrations will be held at St. Mark Primary School, Busaana.