Totem Enjobe
Akabbiro Bugala
English Sitatunga
Clan Leader Ssenjobe
Estates Mpummudde
Ssaza Ssingo
Omubala Clan motto Dduka dduka olukalu Dduka dduka ettale okke omugga. Nanjobe atambula nga mumbejja amaaso gamulengejja.

Easily mistaken for a bushbuck, the sitatunga inhabits the wetlands but comes out on the dry land to feed. It is a long-legged, shaggy antelope with splayed hooves. The hornless female is rufous orange while the horned male ranges from deep ochre to coffee brown. Horns range from 45-92cm. 
Males have a head and body which measures 150-170cm while the females measure between 115-155cm. Mature males weigh between 80-130kg while females weigh 40-85kg. The tail is between 18-30cm in both sexes. 
This antelope that cannot survive without water takes refuge in the papyrus and sinks under water leaving the snout and part of the head above the surface.
Gestation is just over seven months and one young is born. Sitatunga mature after four years and span a life of twenty years.