Totem Enkejje
Akabbiro Nkejje Kiyemba
Clan Leader Kikwata
Estates Nnamukuma
Ssaza Kyaggwe
Omubala Clan motto Nkejje tungulako emu osuule mukyooto abazzukulu bawunyirwe evvumbe. Kiiso kiiso kya Mbuzi (Kirekerera omussi nekitunuulira omubaazi)

The origin of these people is unknown and so is how they ended up in Namukuma. It is assumed that they might have been residents of Bukunja until Ssekabaka Mawanda annexed Bukunja to Buganda. The grandfather of this clan was Nkuutu and the clan head is known as Kikwata. Their official clan seat is in Namukuma, Kyaggwe.
Their duty to the Kabaka was to keep and control the Royal canoes around Bukunja and Kojja.
Namatiwa, Ssekindi, Lubuga, Luyombya, Mayemba

Nalugo, Nalubuga, Nnakyobe

It is very difficult to separate young tilapia (engege) from the Haplochromis Hilgendorf. It plays a bionomic role in the lake because its body provides food to other fishes in the lake and its life and death constantly provides the lake with fertility and essential chemicals usually from its excreta and dead body.
This tilapia-looking tiny fish measuring between 4-7cm when fresh is consumed in many parts of Uganda and is usually sun-dried skewed on sticks and grouped into a rack. It is sometimes given to malnourished children or infants suffering from measles.