Totem Ensunu
English Uganda Kob
Clan Leader Kabugira
Ssaza Bugerere

Omubala Clan motto


Very little is known about this clan.

This is Uganda`s national animal yet it is the least known in the local languages. In Luganda it is known as ensunu and in Runyankole, it is called enshunu. It is a medium-sized antelope with a robust body and males have lyrate horns while females are hornless. Easily mistaken for impala, the kob and impala are almost similar in size but the kob is a little bigger and sturdy. The impala weighs up to 80kg while the kob stretches to 90kg. The head and body of males measure from 160-180cm while females range from 90-100cm. Males weigh between 85-121kg while females are between 60-77kg. Its colouring varies from rich cinnamon rufous to rich ochre.

Males engage in territorial fights in the ‘assembly fields` during the mating seasons for females. Gestation is eight months and one young is born. Females are sexually active after one year while males take three years. They are not an endangered species.