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The Kingdom of Buganda is situated in the Central region of the country known today as Uganda. It is right in the heart of Africa astride the Equator and in the North West shores of Lake Victoria and it's also the source of the great river Nile. Buganda Kingdom is the home to the nation's political and commercial capital city Kampala as well as the country's main International airport Entebbe.

The Kingdom's equatorial climate provides plentiful sunshine which is moderated by relatively high altitude. Since it's near Lake Victoria, it's mean annual temperature ranges from 16 degrees 25 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperature averages between 8 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than night temperatures. Rainfall is evenly distributed around the area and the mean annual rainfall often exceeds 2100 millimeters. The area is warm rather than hot and temperatures vary little throughout the year.The Baganda had a centralised system of government which by 1750 was the most well organised More..

Clan  (Head Title)                         Totem Symbol
Abalangira b'Ekibulala (Omutaka Ssaababiito Kibulala)
Head Name: Walugembe Samuel 
0779 281316
Clan Katikkiro: Lwanga Charles
0776 717789
Home Grounds: Kibulala Ssingo
Abalangira b'Ekooki (Ssababiito Kooki)
Head Name: Prof. Sendawula 
0772 621298
Clan Katikkiro: M.Majwega
Home Grounds: Rakai Kooki
Abalangira b'Essanje (Ssababiito Ssanje)
Head Name: Paul Kalema 
0712 939927
Clan Katikkiro: Kizza Likakaba Joseph 
0718 662353
Home Grounds: Ssanje
Abalangira  (Ssaabalangira)
Head Name: Kanaakulya John
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Kaliiti
Obutiko (Omutaka Ggunju)
Head Name: Kawere Mathias 
0772 909720
Clan Katikkiro: Hajji Muhamad Katimbo
0772 503765
Home Grounds: Bukalango Busiro
Ffumbe (Omutaka Walusimbi)
Head Name:

Mbirozankya Yusuf Kigumba Makubuya II Buganda

Ntege Walusimbi

Clan Katikkiro: Ssebaggala K.John 
0752 692420
Home Grounds: Bakka Busiro
Kasimba (Omutaka Kabazzi)
Head Name: Nampooma D.
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Kawumba Mawokota
Kayozi (Omutaka Kafumu)
Head Name: Emmauel H.Damulira
0774 233277
Clan Katikkiro: Ddamulira Christ
Home Grounds: Kyango Mawokota
Kibe (Omutaka Muyige)
Head Name: Ssalongo S. Kinaalwa II 
0751 976879
Clan Katikkiro: Kamya Peter 
0782 794881
Home Grounds: Bulere Kyaggwe
Kinyomo (Omutaka Nakigoye)
Head Name: Samson Nabbimba
0772 331470
Clan Katikkiro: Ssalongo Kagogwe 
0772 924217
Home Grounds: Kyasa
Kiwere (Omutaka Luwonko)
Head Name: Mbaale Zamuwanga James
0782 918844
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Lwansunu
(Omutaka Nnamwama)
Head Name: Nsereko Joseph
0752 831304
Clan Katikkiro: Munakukaama Nsereko
0752 304667
Home Grounds: Buwama Mawokota
Lugave (Omutaka Ndugwa)
Head Name: Grace Ssemakula 
0772 512920
Clan Katikkiro: Mulumba M. Edward
0772 492243
Home Grounds: Katende
Head Name:  
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Kibulala Ssingo
Mazzi ga Kisasi (Omutaka Wooyo)
Head Name: Wooyo Muyanja David 
0752 397866
Clan Katikkiro: Sunday Mazzi 
0752 809500
Home Grounds: Kajuna
Mbogo (Omutaka Kayiira Gajuule)
Head Name: Kasibante Kayiira Fredrick 
0752 611634
Clan Katikkiro: Nnyanzi Simon
0772 459410
Home Grounds: Muguly
Mbwa (Omutaka Mutasingwa)
Head Name: Joash Kityo Kakonge
0752 625187
Clan Katikkiro: Hajji Ssajjabi 
0772 862232
Home Grounds: Kiggwa

Mmamba Gabunga (Omutaka Gabunga)

Head Name: Mubiru James
0772 323689
Clan Katikkiro: D.r Kimala 
0752 501900
Home Grounds: Sagala
Buwaya Busiro
Mmamba Kakoboza (Omutaka Nankere)
Head Name: Moses Kanonya
Clan Katikkiro: Ssalongo Mutebi Musisi 
0712 990285
Home Grounds: Bukerekere
Mpeewo (Omutaka Kiggye)
Head Name: Paul Dan Mbazzi 
0772 830459
Clan Katikkiro: Ephraim Mpiima
Home Grounds: Bubiro
Abalangira b'Ekibulala (Ssababiito Kibulala)
Head Name: R. Kitenda 
0772 558021
Clan Katikkiro: Ntambazi Christopher 
0772 633070
Home Grounds: Muyenje
(Omutaka Namuguzi Ssebuganda)
Head Name: Ndawula Wilson
Clan Katikkiro:

Kisekka. Ddungu Patrick

0772 625795

Era ye Kireega wa Buganda

Home Grounds: Lwadda
Musu (Omutaka Muyingo)
Head Name: Muyingo Bulega 
0772 461374
Clan Katikkiro: Zizinga Nsimbe 
0772 367762
Home Grounds: Ssama Mawokota
Mutima Omuyanja (Kakeeto)
Head Name: Dominic Kasekende
Clan Katikkiro: Kaggwa Bwanika 
0772 602461
Home Grounds: Bbaale
Mutima Omusaggi (Omutaka Nakirembeka)
Head Name: Alan Waliggo 
0772 502695
Clan Katikkiro: Noah Waliggo
0772 995767
Home Grounds: Butale Buddu

Head Name: G.Kyajja Kaggwa
Clan Katikkiro: Muliika Patrick 
0751 752562
Home Grounds: Kasaka
Ndiga (Omutaka Lwomwa)
Head Name: Daniel K. Bbosa 
0772 418676
Clan Katikkiro: Ssemukuutu Edward 
0782 361750
Home Grounds: Mbale Mawokota
Engabi Nsamba (Omutaka Nsamba)
Head Name: Kamoga Joseph
0774 097805
Clan Katikkiro: Kiwano Mulyanga 
0772 505535
Home Grounds: Buwanda Mawokota
Engabi Nyunga (Omutaka Kannyana)
Head Name: Matovu Emmanuel
0703 060510
Clan Katikkiro: Damiano Lubega
0772 410510
Home Grounds: Bwende Buddu
Head Name: Francis Kasule
0782 601891
Clan Katikkiro: J.M Kabaalu 
0782 601891
Home Grounds: Busujju Busiro
(Omutaka Muteesaasira)
Head Name:

Shaun Henry Tendo

Clan Katikkiro: Yekosofati Kavuma
0772 248113
Home Grounds: Buteesaasira Butambala
Njaza (Omutaka Kitanda)
Head Name:  Bakisuula Kiwanuka Samuel
Clan Katikkiro: Muhamudu Kakonge 
0756 737803
Home Grounds: Kkonko Kyaggwe
Njobe (Omutaka Ssenjobe)
Head Name: Willy Zaabulukiriza
Clan Katikkiro: Ssentoogo Wilson 
0772 993248
Home Grounds: Mpumude Ssingo
Njovu (Omutaka Mukalo)
Head Name: David S. Ssesanga 
0782 856632
Clan Katikkiro: Ssekimpi M Ssemambo 
0752 728738
Home Grounds: Kambugu Busiro
Nkejje (Omutaka Kikwate)
Head Name: Mugolo Ronald
Clan Katikkiro: Enosi W.Kyobe
0772 586241
Home Grounds: Namukima Kyagwe
Nkerebwe (Omutaka Kidimbo)
Head Name:  Ssendyona Silvester
Clan Katikkiro: Jimmy S. Ssemugabi 
0782 587281
Home Grounds: Budimbo Ssingo
Nkima (Omutaka Mugema)
Head Name: Charles Mugwanya
0712 726081
Clan Katikkiro: Nick Ssali
0712 808969
Home Grounds: Bbira Busiro
(Omutaka Muwangi)
Head Name: Gerald Kibuuka Semwezi 
0774 320365
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Lwentunga Buddu
Nkusu (Omutaka Ssenkusu Ssonja)
Head Name: Kayindi Peter 
0782 455504
Clan Katikkiro: Lusogobe Zziwa Emmy 
0753 400124
Home Grounds: Buziri
Ngaali (Omutaka Maweesaano)
Head Name: Kyeyune kukeera
0772 519547
Clan Katikkiro:  
Home Grounds: Buzooba Buddu
Ngonge (Omutaka Kisolo)
Head Name: H. Muwanga 
0772 829206
Clan Katikkiro: Kivumbi Malokweza 
0752 732571
Home Grounds: Bweza - Busujju
Nseenene (Omutaka Kalibbala)
Head Name: Adnan Nsozi
Clan Katikkiro: Ssalongo Sserebe Kajubi 
0752 965318
Home Grounds: Nsisi
Bbala Busujju
Nsuma (Omutaka Kibondwe)
Head Name: Ntembe 
0712 249063
Clan Katikkiro: Magoba Peterson Kayima 
0712 572536
Home Grounds: Bukibondwe Buvuma

Head Name: ......
Clan Katikkiro: ......
Home Grounds: Bugerere
Nswaswa (Omutaka Mayengo)
Head Name: Kivule
Clan Katikkiro: Lwanga Charles
0776 717789
Home Grounds: Bugabo
Ntalaganya (Omutaka Bambaga)
Head Name: Ssebunnya Musisi
0782 423261
Clan Katikkiro: Balamuga Mukasa S. 
0772 472440
Home Grounds: Bbabaga
Nte (Omutaka Katongole)
Head Name: S.Mugatta
0752 695418
Clan Katikkiro: ......
Home Grounds: Mulema
Nvubu (Omutaka Kayita)
Head Name: Musoke Musisi Emmanuel
0772 429612
Clan Katikkiro: Nkumwe Ssalongo
0774 808049
Home Grounds: Mbazi Kyaggwe
Nvuma (Omutaka Kyaddondo)
Head Name: Mbuga Atanansio 
0772 484294
Clan Katikkiro: Alex Kasirye
0772 915835
Home Grounds: Kawempe Kyaddondo
Nakinsige (Omutaka Kyeyune)
Head Name: Fred Mayegal
Clan Katikkiro: Kibuuka Ssekitayira 
0712 182397
Home Grounds: Mirembe
Ndisa (Omutaka Kaliika)
Head Name: Ssenyonga Abdallah
0752 659545
Clan Katikkiro: Rev Kampujja H. 
0782 123306
Home Grounds: Nabutongwa
Nyange ( Omutaka Mbaziira Kakooto)
Head Name: Frank Mbaziira Kisaala 
0782 470372
Clan Katikkiro: Lutuuma Lugonda
0782 173381
Home Grounds: Bulimu