Originally, the Kingdom of Buganda was a small territory consisting of the Busiro, Busujju, Kyaddondo Mawokota and some small portions of Ssingo and Bulemeezi counties. However, during the early years of its making, there were considerable rivalry between Buganda and Bunyoro Kingdoms which fueled constant fighting over various territories between the two. This led to a Gradual expansion of Buganda Kingdom until it grew to the twenty counties that constituted Buganda at its pinnacle.

Ssese islands were autonomous within Buganda right from the beginning and only reserved as the islands of the gods which were not directly governed by Buganda but this was altered in the 1900 agreement.

A map showing the location of each county can be obtained from Buganda Tourism Center at a fee of only 3,000 Ugandan shillings but will be hosted here in the near future.

The following list gives the counties:

  • Gomba
  • Butambala
  • Kyaddondo
  • Kyaggwe
  • Busiro
  • Bulemeezi
  • Ssingo
  • Buluuli
  • Kooki
  • Bugerere
  • Ssese
  • Buddu
  • Busujju
  • Buvuma
  • Kabula
  • Mawogola
  • Buweekula
  • Mawokota