He was born to Ssekabaka Kyabaggu and Nanteza of the Njovu clan and the Royal sister was Nsagi. His Twin was Muzigo, the Home (Nnyumba) was called Kasajjakaaliwano and the Jjembe was called Lubowa. He ruled from 1817 to 1819 and his Prime Ministers were Ssendegeya, Mayende and Kagenda all of the of the Mmamba clan. His tombs are found at Luwunga in Busiro.

He had four wives who included the following;

1) Kategaya of the Mmamba clan
2) Nakamu of the Ndiga clan
3) Nassozi of the Ndiga clan
4) Tebaawuza of the Mbogo.

His children included

  1. Kyomubi and
  2. Semalume.