He was born to Prince Musanje and Nalugwa of the Ndiga clan and the Royal sister was Nnaayimbabuna. His Twin was Lukungo, the home (Nnyumba) was called Kiryangokibi and the Jjembe was called Kasajja. He ruled from 1807 to 1811and his Prime Minister was Kagali of the Nvuma clan. His tombs are found at Muyomba in Busiro but his body was laid to rest at Mareera hill. He had six wives who included the following;

1) Basuuta of the Nseenene Clan
2) Najjuuko of the Butiko clan
3) Nalubowa of the Ngo clan
4) Nalunga of the Nvuma clan
5) Nakangu of the Mmamba clan
6) Nawanguma of the Ngabi clan.

His children included

  1. Kateragga,
  2. Ngabo and
  3. Kibooli. Namugala loved sports and used to play the game of wrestling.