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The Kingdom of Buganda is situated in the Central region of the country known today as Uganda. It is right in the heart of Africa astride the Equator and in the North West shores of Lake Victoria and it's also the source of the great river Nile. Buganda Kingdom is the home to the nation's political and commercial capital city Kampala as well as the country's main International airport Entebbe.

The Kingdom's equatorial climate provides plentiful sunshine which is moderated by relatively high altitude. Since it's near Lake Victoria, it's mean annual temperature ranges from 16 degrees 25 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperature averages between 8 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than night temperatures. Rainfall is evenly distributed around the area and the mean annual rainfall often exceeds 2100 millimeters. The area is warm rather than hot and temperatures vary little throughout the year.The Baganda had a centralised system of government which by 1750 was the most well organised More..

This Ministry is responsible for the promotion of health education, the provision of adequate, accessible health services, as well as promotion of research in traditional medicine.

Better health conditions and significantly improved access to health facilities and services, which should enable the people of Buganda to be healthier and to enjoy a higher quality of life and improved welfare by the year 2010.

Mission Statement
To enhance promotive and preventive health services through health education, improved access to health facilities and services, as well as research in traditional and herbal medicine in order to improve the quality of and welfare for the people of Buganda.

Expected key outputs
Promotion of health education, provision of adequate, accessible health services and facilities, and promotion of research in traditional and herbal medicine and their implementation.
Provide sufficient preventive and primary health care facilities for all communities, and sufficient, timely access to curative services.


The Ministry of Health has been mandated to ensure that the people of Buganda are healthy and we are fulfilling this by offering free treatment to people in all the 18 counties of Buganda, according to Buganda Health Strategic Plan 2009 – 2015 under the  theme  “Buganda bulamu” (Buganda is still alive).

Through health camps, the Kingdom has transformed the health situation of its citizens by providing free treatment, counselling services on matters concerning HIV/AIDS, personal hygiene, and community service.