Buganda Clans and their Totems - Mbogo

AkabbiroNdeerwe - Type of Mashroom
EnglishAfrican Buffalo
Clan LeaderKayiira Gajuule
Clan motto
Kyaana kya mbogo ssenge Katutu kaagwa

It is believed that the Mbogo clansmen hailed from Bunyoro in a place called Mazigita near Kibulala. They came carrying Kimera to ascend the throne of his lost grandfather Ccwa Nabakka, son of Kalemeera. When the messengers arrived in Bunyoro from Buganda to take Kimera to claim his grandfather`s throne in Buganda, Kimera came with his wife Namagembe daughter of Makumbi (the great hunter of Mbogo clan) and all his in-laws.
On the way, Namagembe got tired and asked her brothers to carry her, Kimera too complained of fatigue and his father-in-law instructed his son Kaddu to carry him on his shoulders. That is how Kimera arrived in Buganda and since then, the Mbogo clansmen main duty in the palace is to carry the king (okukongojja) and this duty is specifically performed by Ssekayiba which title was given to Kaddu when he carried Kimera.

The mbogo clansmen are also responsible for the king`s shield (Kamaanyi) and his spears. The Mbogo clansmen do not eat food cooked in a brand new pot. If there is no alternative, they place a broken piece of an old pot before they start cooking but the logic is not explained.
Popular names for men:
Nnyanzi, Sentamu, Bugembe, Mukwaya, Ntume, Mawejje, Kaabunga, Kasibante, Kyagulanyi, Kirabira, Yawe, Sebadduka, Walakira, Lutaakome, Kayanja, Majwega, Kyakonye, Kabanda, Lwere, Lwanyaga, Ddumba, Ssendikwanawa, Nnyenje, Ngalomyambe, Bukulu, Kiyanzi, Ssenkatuuka, Ssebyayi, Musiige, Jjoloba, Kabugo (ab`enkima balituuma), Musibira, Ntwatwa, Ssengooba
Popular names for women:
Nannyanzi, Nantamu, Namagembe, Nnamukwaya, Nantume, Namawejje, Bukirwa, Nnabbanja, Nnakyonyi, Namuleme, Mannyangwa, Nankabirwa, Serabidde, Nalugooti, Kyobiggya, Nakyomu, Nampewo

The African Buffalo (syncerus caffer) is a large bovid with bossed horns and a tough build. A mature bull weighs up to 850 kg. The head and body measure between 170 – 340 cm. The tail is usually between 50 and 80 cm and the height ranges between 100-170cm. Buffaloes live in family groups and are many times seen in a big herd like cows. Their habitat is savannah grassland and they forage on short grass.

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda