Over 78 million shillings realized in Dubai

SsaabasajjaKabaka has appreciated the unity and participation of his subjects in the Diaspora.

The message was delivered by the Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga when he was addressing the Ugandans in the Dubai United Arab Emirates on the donations ceremony (ettoffaali) where more than 78m shillings have been donated to push forward the activities of the Kingdom.

He says that Kabaka is enthusiastic for the role played by his subjects abroad aiming at reviving the glory of the Buganda Kingdom.

Mayigarecommended them to always make research on what the Kingdom needs and put emphasis to issues that promote the Kingdom to the helm.

He acknowledged Ugandans in the diaspora to avoid routes that lead to fraud there funds when they send them to their relatives that they can be helped through the passage of Buganda Kingdom.

Katikkiro confronted those who divert the Kabaka subjects in abroad who tell false statements that when they donate towards the reconstruction of the Masiro, that they are supporting witch craft.

He again emphasized the point of the Mosque which was in Lubiri Mengo, that plans are underway to find agood site where it could be re-established.

However he says that, the Kingdom has no particular religion on the frontline that every religion is welcomed and that’s why even the employees of Buganda government are of different religious beliefs.

Uganda's Ambassador in United Arab Emirates, Florence Irene PersisWekiya, has warnedUgandans who want to go and work from abroad to take care and pass through legal routes in order to avoid individuals and agencies that can cause them problems.

Ugandans in UAE where happy for a time spared for them by the Katikkiro to go and collect their donations (ettoffaali).

Katikkiro is today scheduled to pay visits to companies and organisations where Ugandans carry out their jobs.

His Majesty Ronald
Muwenda Mutebi II,
Kabaka of Buganda