Buganda Broadcasting Service


BICUL takes up its core role of a holding company of the Kingdom that owns stakes in various companies involved in production of goods or services for the benefit of the Kingdom.


Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation. The Buganda kingdom established BUCADEF in 1994 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (No. S5914/1 432), non political legitimate body corporate particularly charged with spearheading and directing social economic development in communities. It was established to achieve sustainable improvement in the living standards and welfare of the people, in addition building capacities of communities in order to render effective services to cause sustainable development.

Buganda Land Board

Buganda Land Board (BLB) is a professional body set up by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda to manage land and properties returned under the Restitution of Assets and Properties Act of 1993.


CENTRAL BROADCATING SERVICE also referred to as 88.8 and 89.2 CBS Fm Radio Buganda, is the most listened to radio station in Central Uganda. It is owned by Buganda Kingdom and operates two frequencies 88.8 Fm and 89.2 FM.

Essuubiryo Zambogo Sacco


K2 Telecom

K2 Telecom Limited. Buganda Kingdom has a stake in one of the recent entrants in the telecommunication industry K2 Telecom. The vision of this telecom company is to enable social-economic development through provision of reliable, quality and affordable telecom services

Kabaka Foundation

In 1996, Kabaka Foundation registered as a trust to promote, encourage and support cultural, educational, literacy, economic, social and charitable projects for the benefit of the public in Buganda and Uganda at large. Among the key social evils, the Foundation sought to team up with social development partners to tackle wallowing poverty and social deprivation among Kabaka’s subjects.

Majestic Brands

Majestic Brands Limited

Namulondo Investments

Namulondo Investments is a real estate management company created to professionally maximize value out of the vast portfolio of the Kingdom’s owned commercial estates.

Nnabagereka Foundation

Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda is the first Nnabagereka (Queen) in the history of the Buganda Kingdom to set up a fully-fledged Office, a very crucial phenomenon that has greatly complimented the ongoing development work in the Kingdom and Uganda at large.