Special message from
Oweek. Charles Peter Mayiga

Katikkiro(Prime Minister)

Welcome to The Kingdom of Buganda
Buganda, the largest of the medieval kingdoms in present-day Uganda, became an important and powerful state during the 19th century. Established in the late 14th century along the shore of Lake Victoria, it evolved around its founding kabaka (king) Kintu, who came to the region from northeast Africa. Kintu, who arrived as the leader of multiple clans, conquered the area, defeating the last indigenous ruler, Bemba Musota, to establish his new state.  Kintu, however, ordered the new clans to intermarry with the indigenous people creating the Buganda ethnic group.
Thirty six kabakas or kings followed Kintu, who mysteriously disappeared after laying Buganda’s foundation.  While in the early centuries the kings ruled at the mercy of the clan heads, by 1700 they ...
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Ekitiibwa Kya Buganda

By Rev Polycarp Kakooza in 1939

ChorusTwesiimye nnyo, twesiimye nnyoOlwa Buganda yaffeEkitiibwa kya Buganda kyava ddaNaffe tukikuumenga. Verse 1Okuva edda n'edda eryo ...

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